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What to Expect from Your Pet Photographer

Working with a photographer who specializes in a particular type of photography can have huge benefits. Especially when it comes to working with pets, there are certain skills your pet photographer needs in order to capture great photos of your furry friend. It takes more than just patience to photograph a rambunctious dog and to ensure that you and your pet have a wonderful experience in your session.

If you’re looking to book a session with a pet photographer, here are a few things you should expect from them.

They let your pet direct the session

Every dog has a different personality and will come to your pet photography session with a different mood. The best pet photographers go with the flow and let your pup direct the energy of the session. They know that dogs can be unpredictable—some may be nervous and scared, while others may easily get over-excited and energetic. An experienced pet photographer knows how to work with every dog personality and still get images you will cherish.

While your photographer will definitely come into your pet session with an idea of the photos they would like to capture, they’re also well aware that your dog may change things drastically. And that’s okay! Sometimes the best images come from unexpected moments, and flexibility is essential in a pet photographer.

They understand dog body language

Dogs have their own way of communicating, through wagging tails, the position of their ears and even their eyes. That’s why it’s so important to have a pet photographer who is fully in tune with how dogs express emotion. That way they know how best to get the photos they want—and when to back off if you dog has had enough.

If your dog isn’t comfortable with the photographer or the situation, that will show in your final images. No amount of editing or post-production can eliminate your dog’s discomfort. An experienced pet photographer can help your dog relax and feel playful and comfortable, ensuring that you get images you love and that both you and your dog enjoy your pet photography session.

They know how to get your dog’s attention

If you’ve ever taken photos of your dog—and what pet owner hasn’t?—you’ve likely struggled to get them to look at the camera. It can take a lot of weird noises, a squeaky toy and even a treat bribe to get your dog to pay attention.

Your pet photographer isn’t above using all of the above, and they may even have a few extra tricks up their sleeve. They know exactly how to get a pet to look right at the camera and even how to get those adorable head tilts that make for the cutest photos.

They love dogs as much as you

Your pet photographer has to be a dog person (or animal person in general), or they just won’t be able to capture great photos of your pet. They’re not afraid of getting covered in dog hair or jumped on or covered with muddy pawprints. In fact, they love it! Those embarrassing moments of misbehavior may make you cringe, but your pet photographer can make amazing photos out of your dog’s energetic behavior.

Bonus: a professional pet photographer isn’t afraid to get dirty and get right in the mix with your pet. That’s how they get some of the most amazing images!

They keep your photoshoot fun

What makes a pet photography session different from other types of photography is that it has to hold your pet’s attention. While your photographer will definitely capture some posed photos, where they’ll shine is the candid images, capturing your pet in action.

A professional pet photographer makes the photo session fun and allows you pet to just be themselves and express their unique personality. From a game of fetch to a fun cuddle session, your pet photoshoot is a chance to be yourself with your dog. The more relaxed you are, the more relaxed they’ll be—and it will definitely show in your photos.

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