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How to Express Your Personality in Your Senior Photos

Senior portraits are a fun way to mark a huge milestone in your life: your graduation from high school. You’ll end up with images your parents and family members will love and photos you can share with your friends.

When photographing seniors, I like to make sure we incorporate as much of their unique personalities as possible. After all, these images are about you and what you have accomplished, and your personality should shine through every photo!

Wear your favorite outfits for your senior photos

While it’s always a great idea to get a few formal photos, it’s important to wear clothes that you feel comfortable in and that express your personality. When you wear an outfit you would normally wear, you’re more likely to feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera.

Note: I don’t recommend graphic tees with the exception of your senior T-shirt or a shirt featuring your school mascot. Graphics draw focus away from you and onto what’s on your shirt, which is definitely something we don’t want to do.

Add accessories for amazing senior photos

One of the best ways to show off your personality is through accessorizing. Whether you have some favorite pieces of jewelry or a scarf or hat you love, accessories can help the real you shine through your senior portraits. Maybe you have a signature pair of sneakers or a jacket you’re rarely seen without. Whatever clothing items just scream you, bring them to your portrait session!

Show off your passions

Do you play an instrument? Are you part of a sports team? Maybe you’re an artist. Whatever school activities or hobbies you enjoy, consider bringing props to your senior portrait session to express those activities. For example, if you’re in band or orchestra, you could bring along your instrument. If you play baseball, why not take a few photos in your uniform? Think of your senior photos as a chance to show the world exactly who you are!

Celebrate what you’ve accomplished

Chances are extracurriculars aren’t the only accomplishments you’ve had in high school. If you’re a member of a club or honors society, let’s show it off! Have a letter jacket full of pins? Wear it to your session! There are a variety of ways to show off the teams, clubs and activities you represent, as well as everything you’ve accomplished during your high school career.

Choose your locations

It’s important to communicate with your photographer to help them better understand how to showcase your personality. One way to do that is through the locations you choose for your photos. Maybe you’re more comfortable in a field of wildflowers. Maybe you prefer an urban setting with cool murals and brick walls. Whatever you like, talk to your photographer about the backdrops and settings that would best express your personality. They’ll likely have some great suggestions for you!

Relax and have fun!

The best way to express your personality is to enjoy the experience. So, relax and trust your photographer to take photos that show off who you are and what graduating high school means to you!

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