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Family photos with your newborn


Family photos can help you remember your child at this stage of their Lives

Having photos of your newborn helps you capture their personality and can remind you of how excited you were when you found out. Taking photos also allows you to hold your little one before sending them off into the world!

Capture their personality.

Every family is different, and that’s what makes you and your new child unique. How will you choose to capture memories of your newborn? Will they be in a photo session gallery full of gorgeous images of other family’s babies? Or will you take control over how your baby looks by styling them into poses? Whatever you decide, let go of trying to force perfection and enjoy capturing those precious moments. Your photographer can also help guide you throughout the process as you walk through your home with them, pointing out areas where he or she would recommend placing photos.

Remember what it was like.

Parents may regret not taking photos of their children in their newborn outfits, but every child grows up quickly, and remembering your baby as they were is one of the wonderful memories you will hold onto for years to come.

Have an excuse to go shopping.

Our newborn photo session can be a great opportunity to pick out some outfits for your little one. And who doesn’t love getting new clothes? Shopping for baby gear is also a great way to find a variety of prices and styles!

It’s worth it to get professional images.

If you’re looking for some cheesy stock photos of parents holding newborns, you can find those too. But if you want to invest in someone who knows how to capture unique images that will grow with your family, consider booking a professional photographer. The resulting photos are far more than pretty pictures they also provide a glimpse into the new life of your children or the return of love to your marriage.

Create a memory.

You’ll likely have your newborn photos taken throughout their first year, but if you want to capture a moment thats especially important to you, consider having a family photo taken at one of those moments. This way you can show off what matters most to you and provide yourself with an image to look back on from the years ahead, helping you feel more relaxed as you wait for your baby to grow up.


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